Types of Women


Over the course of our life we adapt to different situations and each of it changes our behavior. We as girls evolve into different types women. Here are some classifications that I can think of. If you can think of others add on:

The Manly Woman: Honestly I have lot of respect for these women because they have achieved a lot in very challenging circumstances and it was by no means an easy job. But they are mostly accused of exhibiting more manhood than men themselves and inadvertently are tagged as socially undesirable never being able to find a mate or a compromised mate by marrying down.

The Homey Girl: These women have well being of their family as their only criteria of success in life. Their reason for pursuing prestigious higher education or top notch job is to grab a worthy mate.They willingly let go of their good career prospects just to be with a guy they want and are very satisfied with raising his family only.They are mostly accused of being waste of a resource because their academic and professional grooming remains under utilized as they switch their trajectory to life.

The Bitches: I hate them but sadly they do exist.They can’t get anywhere in life, are always jealous of those who do and try pull their leg. They have no other life than to judge others rather than seriously making an effort for moving up. To my great regret, women just can’t seem to get along or appreciate their fellow women.(There’s a very good joke on it too, scroll down to the asterisk if you haven’t heard it yet). Sometimes even men act as a bitch.

The Champions:These are very ambitious, career oriented  women usually top scorers throughout their academics. They are somewhat lucky in love life and manage to find a cooperative mate to raise a family who can appreciate their choices better. With the support of their spouse, they try to optimize their career pursuits and family responsibilities. In trying to pull everything together they end up expending their own selves to the bottom line. But this is duly the opportunity cost which is justified when trying to make the most of everything in life given their position and options at hand. They are keen to counsel young girls on their way up to life. They can easily switch personas from nurturing caregiver to a hard gripping Big Boss!

As you might have realized by now one thing that remains rooted within feminism is the spawning sphere of relationships that entangle with everything else as women make their moves either in corporate world or domestic life.Bundled with relationships are emotions that make things a bit hazy to rationalize. So next we’re going to analyze emotions and expectation, what women want and try uncomplicate the sensitive tension that lies at the heart of male female interactions.












* A wife’s out all night.
Husband: where were you?
Wife: with friends.
He phones all friends they all say she wasn’t.

Next husband’s out all night.
Wife: where were you?
Husband: with friends.She phones all friends, everyone says he was with me, some say yeah he’s still sleeping. 


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