Following Yourself!

Have a look at these girls:
g What sort of girls are they?  How do you think they approach life? What are their values, if any?  I want you to have a good look at  their photo and then extrapolate on it. Write of a few things down. What comes to your mind when you look at them? Share your thoughts in the comments below and then read on further….

Here’s what I think:

They seem to enjoy themselves so may be one their values in life is to live it to its fullest and have as much fun as possible.They do this primarily by shopping. They might be  fond of frippery. They seem to enjoy extravagance.

 But what meaningful contribution are they making in society?  In our daily lives we come across various such random girls who are crazily into clothes,  accessories, jewelry, make up. Which woman isn’t?  But some just do it over the limit.Not just ambitious, they are obsessed ( possessed may be a better word?)  by it. And they are mostly condescended.They are uselessly wasting money buying things that are not needed and not generating any value in economy except for those corporates that are already alarmingly too rich.

An interesting example here is that of Emma Burrows. As a young girl passionate of shopping and buying online for leisure, Emma came with a slight idea. She decided to use her programming and coding skills to  come up with a little web service that would enable online buyers to easily access the relevant shopping information. Coming up with a basic prototype she then boldly pitched the idea to a guy who got  really interested in future of online shopping. This was Eric Shmidt, the then CEO of Google. Emma is the girl behind Google Shopping home  page and writes codes  for Goolge’s softwares, tools and apps, now globally rolled out and generating millions of transaction each week and billions in revenue. At the age of 24, being the female in a typically male dominated industry, she was leading a team of smart dynamic people at Google’s Zeitgeist Conference and sharing the stage with Bill Clinton.

Now look back at those girls in the photo. Is anyone of them the future Emma Burrows?  We really cannot say. But the idea behind this is NOT how a sudden spike of serendipity can lead to a multi-million dollar,  life defining opportunity. It is to emphasize when you follow your passion you excel beyond what people normally see.We all have an innate gift for something. Yet when we pursue it professionally, we are constantly blared on that there is no scope for it, we are wasting our time, we cannot support a family with this kind of work and while we are iterating and polishing our skills, failing in our initial attempts, everyone comes and tell us ‘I told you so’.  Little do they know, if we suceed, where will it take us. Neither can we tell them because we ourselves do not know it either. So what can be done about this?

Never stop people from following their passion, no matter how trivial, meaningless or doomed to destruction  it may seem to you. It is their way to evolve into something bigger than their current self. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity but the more you prepare the more likely you are to  get lucky. Luck find those who are bent to achieve their aim, just like God exists to  those who seek Him (more on this later) but for now follow your passion which is why I am writing this from work place half-way through lunch break. Hehehe!!



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