What it means to be Woman Today?

Feminism is one topic that is close to my heart. But every one has different definitions for feminism. people,dress,ballerina,flower,girly,amazingflower-7ec082f4203e5e52eea8523a63a50381_hFor me feminism is all about what it means to be a woman and how do our presence and behavior effects society, our evolving roles as more women enter workforce and academia  and its impact on the business scene, economy and social life of individuals that matters to us most. What does it means to be an empowered woman? What’s an ideal woman like? Who is a domestic man? (is it right to call him as such?)  As the fountain head of population, gender blessed with the privilege to give birth, what responsibilities does the female sex share for shaping the thought leadership of our next generation? The gender ratios, corporate glass ceiling, feminazis, reverse discrimination and it’s impact on our combined future, family life and culture. What are we getting at? In short, our complicating and expanding sphere of influence as women, expectations and some of the challenges we face purely as a coincidence of birth.

These are some of the broader categories the influence of feminism spurts out to. As young girls what should we try to achieve? What future aspirations should we have and how do we create value for those we care about the most? These are some of the thoughts and questions that need a lot of reflection and analyses so I am sharing it openly with anyone who is interested exploring these with me.


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