Victor of Vicissitude

Image taken from Hiba Ameer’s photography graduate thesis on Time Traveler Series

Its funny and surprising how times change
Things I once dream’t of now seem strange

Some startling truth came to me like a slight epiphany
I was not borned to worry what people might think of me

Years of hard work seems to have lost its value
I try again to reinvent myself afresh and new

I lived on the edge, battled with chaos, pushed the limits
My life seemed mediocre but I was doing myself justice

I overcame immense challenges and they groomed my unique skills
Everyone watched in awe and admiration when I turned the tables.

This welcoming victory cloaked some of my misfortune
The relationship I once cherished curtailed soon

Life switched gears as if Cinderella’s clock struck twelve
This time I am fighting to conquer my own self

People criticize and mock me in this relentless pursuit
But I learned to ingrain resilience as my attitude

I struggle as my personal resources diminish
I am bent on a mission I may not see being accomplish

My pain became my real source of strength
I evolved much more than people could understand.

Life’s unwinding indelible experiences for me to be construed
I’ve been once and shall emerge again as Victor of Vicissitude


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