What is Melting Pot?

So first, I think I should explain you the title of this blog. But before that, I want you to forget about the

Artist Mikko Tyllinen’s depiction of the concept DreamStorm
Artist Mikko Tyllinen’s depiction of the concept DreamStorm

title of the blog and reflect a bit on your life. We all want many different things in our lives. At different points in our lives, we aim to achieve certain goals. Perhaps with a somewhat preference and in a linear order.First to graduate of university, then to get a job, to pursue someone..…. our list goes on, like our lives go on. Little do we know that at some point we might face a bit of an internal conflict. The linear progression starts diffusing and dissolving. Many things are happening simultaneously. The trajectory to pursue one thing may completely change the discourse for the other. Chaos is setting in and things may be slipping out of our hands. We frantically attempt to grapple it into our grip.  But the boundaries of aims and ambitions are blurring*. Everything is fusing into everything else.The container holding this, our lives, is brewing a storm whirling in a pot-a melting pot. Is it going to simmer? Is it going to soar? We try to nicely pepper it by adding quality of experience into our lives.But the more ‘flavor’ we add, the more it jolts and bubbles. Yet all that we care about, is what this mixture is going to taste like?**

Now that you have somewhat of an idea of what melting pot means (yep I unintentionally took you through it), I now switch gears to the second thing I wish to mention.My blog will cover how I learn from from everyday little things in life and sometimes from very ordinary unassuming people. I’ll share some good things I’ve read, some fun stuff and of course my randomness!!  I would love to give this blog a more personal touch and customize it with snippets of my life-creep alert!! So whatever personal content I put up, I share it with a pinch of salt.

*Many a times we don’t know what we want.When we know what we want, we don’t know how to get there. When we know how to get there, we realized we’ve changed quite a bit, since we started.Overall, our aims and ambitions evolve and even when they may remain somewhat true to their original essence, the course we take to pursue them changes.That changes our lifestyle. That changes our lives .When I say boundaries of aims and ambitions are blurring, I mean little do we know of the subtleties involved and where exactly will they takes us. The final picture of our dreams may be very different from the original one we envisioned.

**This is exactly why I write this blog. One way of assessing the taste of the melting pot is to measure the progress we’ve made along our lives.Even when we’ve not progressed as such, there is something learn’t. I write this blog to reflect on the learnings realized. So I ensure they stick to me for life.


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