You want a Proof reader for your Docs?


If you want any document to be proofread, give it to a woman. By God she will find grammatical errors that you didn’t know existed. Though she can’t quite explain what’s exactly is wrong with the grammar ( well sometimes) but she knows it much more than you could have otherwise figured it out.
She will point out such fine line intricate nuances that will obviously go unnoticed by even the end reader.But hey, the proofreader woman will get it irrespective of the fact that you’ve already proofread thrice before giving it to her. I guess women are specially equipped with some chemical and bionic neurotransmitters that automatically detects these errors in every sentences. Every class has that Super Grammar Girl with the perfect English. She with an overdose of Jane Austen’s novel can understand all complicated relationships in the world. But hey you! These relationships are between subject, object and predicate of a sentence or whatever that strange love triangle is. It’s a woman thing. Well I am a woman too but I cannot find that tinsy tiny error hiding behind the formatting somewhere in the footer. Perhaps I’m new at being a woman lol! (not a typical woman yet I guess) but I’ve noticed women taking pride in their grammatical skills, in fact some are famous for it.And when they get their hands on your manuscript…..!!
Obviously the best defence is “that’s how I write, like I speak, it’s my style”. Oh! Style- that one word which we can congenially say to boldly assert “we don’t really give all that shit for correct grammar actually.” But the proof reader knows how to work her way round your style doesn’t she? No matter how many times you make changes and give it to her, she will still send another infinite list of fresh edits. There you go! And the process goes on and on and on……So for next time, whenever you’re getting the proof reading done through a woman just keep all the awesome sentence structure to yourself. Because eventually it boils down to getting rid of her instead of having the document correct.

P.S: I am also a proof reader woman and even though this article is sarcastically written bashing my own incongruities I really do know my grammar. Ok? Just hand over your manuscript…….. :p


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