What Women Want?

All right guys! Here’s a video for a good sarcastic guffaw. Go through it, once you’re done we’ll talk about more serious implications its alluding to.

To any man this may sound as an extremely confusing irrational set of expectation. But it is somewhat understandable. To rationalize this set of expectation lets talk about personas. While our personality is fairly stable but does change over time, a more elusive and evolving concept is that of personas people slither into. Personas are social masks we all wear depending on the situation we are in and people we’re facing and we change our behavior accordingly. More than being diplomatic or hypocritical, its about adapting to the situation and being a game changer- to overcome a situation under our given constraint.

The contrasting set of traits women seek out in men are related to the personas men can carry such as being a realist at times and romantic during personal time, unwavering and decisive in financial matter but open minded and flexible when scrutinizing options for family’s joint future, steady in important matters of life but spontaneous when it comes to fun and play. But how do you explain caring but not needy,dominant but not domineering and in control but not controlling? (buahaha, frankly this is  hilarious). To understand this we have to look at a bigger picture, the mesh work of our society structures and a subtle force at play silently radiating in the background- the Superstimuli. Here’s an infographic explaining Superstimuli from the insanely talented comic artist Stuart McMillen. It is highly recommended that you read the full article and subscribe to Stuart’s beyond awesome comics

Though this infograph and its subsequent article talks about internet, junk food and video games as super stimuli effecting our quality of experience, super stimuli also effects our choice of mate. I hope everyone’s aware of Dove’s real beauty campaign. Our perception of the ideal or desirable is manipulated using elements that build up on our animal instincts but in reality these stimuli don’t exist. Similarly, overly exaggerated fiction make women desire a man so perfect that not just he doesn’t exist but even not make sense to a rational mind resulting in frustrated young singles branded as forever alone and making them feel undesirable when they are just normal.


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