Humanity on Wheels!


According to UNICEF report, Pakistan has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in South Asia, 260 deaths per 100,000 live births and infant mortality rate of 71.9 per 1000 births as compared to neighboring India 46.7, Iran 41.1, Sri Lanka 9.7 per 1000 birth. An estimated 86 babies died below the age of five per 1000 live births in Pakistan during the year 2012 alone. The figure comes from 409,000 babies dying below the age of five out of 4,604,000 newborns in 2012.

While much is being done to alleviate distressing human condition much more needs to be done. BABE ambulance is one such innovative project that aims to provide faster transport to expectant mother and make access to healthcare easier. But this project in itself is in infancy and needs our support. Make your contribution now let this mission be a reality.


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