Hi HydroxyMethylFurfural!!

Today at work while browsing through product catalog I came across this fancy sounding compound HydroxyMethlyFurfural and had a strange fantasy. Had this compound been a guy what would he be like? How would he look?

This is how I pictured him….he wore silver mercurial shoes, tight skinny yellow pants, brilliant orange shirt with a parrot green tie, and a shocking pink hat .Then he would go disco dancing on streets!! He would also have a nick name- Bump & Dump. Product literature tells me HydroxyMethylFurfural is found in honey. Hmm…not bad. May be he’s a sweet guy. He would be cute and curious kinda guy who carries himself with his signature funky frenzy! He would watch Breaking Bad on TV so he knows there is a twist in dealing with his fellow chemicals. And HydroxyMethylFurfural would switch shades from being a sweet to smart and a sassy guy, fun to be with but with flippant to rely on.

You must have realized by now my imagination is just beyond crazy. This not the first time when I had a vivid vision of something rather flamboyantly freaky. The last I studied hormonal regulation in human body I thought the only awkwardly name part of brain was Hypothalamus. Then I came across his brother Hippocampus.But then who the hell is Amygdala-bitch between two brothers……ok lets not get there.


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